Study 202016





AGE: 18 to 75 years old

BMI: 18.0 to 33.0

Condition(s): Looking for healthy volunteers

Compensation up to:

Call us at 305-351-9951 for more information.


Looking for male and female

Period 1
Check InSun, Dec. 20, 20 TBD
Check OutTue, Dec. 22, 20 TBD
Period 2A
Check InSun, Jan. 10, 21 TBD
Check OutTue, Jan. 12, 21 TBD
Period 2B
Check InWed, Jan. 13, 21 TBD
Check OutFri, Jan. 15, 21 TBD
Period 3A
Check InMon, Feb. 01, 21 TBD
Check OutWed, Feb. 03, 21 TBD
Period 3B
Check InThu, Feb. 04, 21 TBD
Check OutSat, Feb. 06, 21 TBD
Period 4
Check InMon, Feb. 22, 21 TBD
Check OutWed, Feb. 24, 21 TBD

Call us at 305-351-9951 for more information.

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